The Skin in my Ring

Skin is pretty awesome. It protects my insides from the outside, which happens to be full of bugs, knives, and explosives. (Yup, that about sums the world up. 😉 )  I don’t, however, appreciate when it’s dead and flaking off my body.

What’s that? I could just moisturize and it wouldn’t be so bad? LIES. Why, just the other day, I realized something was amiss with my claddagh ring. As I peered on the inside of the little hands, I noticed some gunk. Dark gray gunk, most likely consisting of dry skin and LOTION. Bastards!

So here I was, sitting with a pencil and scraping this disgusting filth from my ring. And I thought, Wow, what a good example for our fear and disgust of death! …. Ew. That was a huge chunk. Maybe I should grab a paper clip.


I am a huge cat fan.

♥ SweetFurr ♥.

This is a blog. About the most adorable cats in the world. Yes, they’re super spoiled and generally treated as children, but look at those smooshed faces! So cute!!

Cooper is my favorite. He’s the ginger Persian. 🙂 He can eat from chopsticks and play dead. My favorite video of him is when he’s dressed as a banana, eating a banana. So good.

My favorite video of all time would have to be the one where Choco Ball is in a pop can 12 pack. Unfortunately, Choco Ball died of FIP. 😦 She was my second favorite cat.

Seriously, these cats are cool. They do all these tricks and eat lots of human food and wear costumes. And they have awesome personalities. So I’d check this blog out.

It’s a blog.

My sister recently made a blog that is about trying things with the expectation of failing. Being the younger sister, I decided that I would copy her and create a blog. Because that’s what younger sisters do: copy their older sisters. I maintain that Kirsten is clairvoyant, and therefore she is copying me ahead of me actually doing anything.


I realize that my mom is probably the only one who will be reading this. It’s nice to know that your mother loves you. Hopefully somewhere along the way I will have a theme for this blog. As of right now, my sister invited me to her blog, which caused me to have a username on Word Press, which resulted in a blog of my own- I mean, my sister copied me! Yeah. Basically, this will be an amalgamation of my life right now. Or something.

Funny, yes?

I can't look at this and not laugh.

So this picture is hilarious. 🙂