It’s a blog.

My sister recently made a blog that is about trying things with the expectation of failing. Being the younger sister, I decided that I would copy her and create a blog. Because that’s what younger sisters do: copy their older sisters. I maintain that Kirsten is clairvoyant, and therefore she is copying me ahead of me actually doing anything.


I realize that my mom is probably the only one who will be reading this. It’s nice to know that your mother loves you. Hopefully somewhere along the way I will have a theme for this blog. As of right now, my sister invited me to her blog, which caused me to have a username on Word Press, which resulted in a blog of my own- I mean, my sister copied me! Yeah. Basically, this will be an amalgamation of my life right now. Or something.

Funny, yes?

I can't look at this and not laugh.

So this picture is hilarious. 🙂


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