The Skin in my Ring

Skin is pretty awesome. It protects my insides from the outside, which happens to be full of bugs, knives, and explosives. (Yup, that about sums the world up. 😉 )  I don’t, however, appreciate when it’s dead and flaking off my body.

What’s that? I could just moisturize and it wouldn’t be so bad? LIES. Why, just the other day, I realized something was amiss with my claddagh ring. As I peered on the inside of the little hands, I noticed some gunk. Dark gray gunk, most likely consisting of dry skin and LOTION. Bastards!

So here I was, sitting with a pencil and scraping this disgusting filth from my ring. And I thought, Wow, what a good example for our fear and disgust of death! …. Ew. That was a huge chunk. Maybe I should grab a paper clip.


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