“Oppressed Majority”


I like this short, and yet I don’t like it. 

I like that it changes the perception. If you keep all aspects of ads and commercials, etc. but just switch gender roles, it becomes clear how ridiculous and offensive they are. I like that the wife, who should be supportive of the man and loving, basically adds to the sexism he is feeling. Many times I feel that the men in my life are severely lacking in the feminist department, and I get pretty angry about it.


I don’t like that there isn’t subtle sexism. Not all men are skeezebags who shout things like that to women. There are men who are compliant in sexism by not stopping others from doing it.

There are men who benefit greatly from male privilege, and they should feel as guilty and want to change it at least as much as I do with my white privilege. I don’t think we as feminists will get anywhere until men realize how oppressed some women are and stop being so complacent.

Anyway, that’s my spiel. 


Fact: Women get paid less than men.

Fact: Women get paid less than men.
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Sorry I’ve been gone for a while.

I enjoy this article because instead of just comparing wages, it illustrates the other ways in which women get less money because of prejudice.

I am on an angry feminist kick lately, so my next self-written post will be on a video game that I feel is going in the right direction.