I’m Grumpy Cat.

I don’t know how many of you know Tardarsauce, the grumpy cat that has turned into a meme, but she is the cat version of me. (www.grumpycats.com has pictures of said cat.) She looks so grumpy, but she’s actually a mellow and happy cat.

I’ve heard from several friends that I ended up being a different person than they thought I was. First impressions they had? Stuck-up, angry, or arrogant. In reality, I was so nervous about meeting them that I didn’t speak much or make eye contact. I’d hang back if there were someone else with me. After my friends got to know me, they called me bubbly and goofy.

I never understood the disconnect until I realized that my face just naturally looks unhappy.  My lips relax into a slight frown, my eyebrows are straight, and my eyes are deep-set. Add this with my social anxiety and you get the look of arrogance. But I’m really just bashful.

Basically, I’m Grumpy Cat.