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My Feminist Issues with Video Games

Recently my boyfriend and I had a discussion about video game females, a topic that infuriates me to my very core. For those who aren’t aware of video game characters, ALL THE WOMEN ARE SUPER THIN BUT HAVE HUGE CANS. No butt, no hips, just HUGE HUGE breasts. Games with champions or fighters that you choose out of many show their females in postures that are either impossibly contorted or incredibly sexual, with most of the women looking away from the camera in some kind of inferiority complex.

The argument ended with me sobbing. I was so hurt and angry that I basically gave up. I have been reading some articles and watching some videos, and I think I’m ready to make my opinion heard.

FIRST. The argument that “sex sells” and that video games are that way because 14 year old boys buy video games. READ AND WATCH THIS:

SECOND. The issue of body acceptance. Now, I have friends who are very large breasted. I also have friends who are thin and have no bottoms or hips. I even have a friend who has no hips, no butt, and is large breasted! So obviously, the body type of most female video game characters exist! But out of all the women I know, I’ve only known one. “But Megan,” people implore, “Megan! There are some flat-chested characters and some amply bottomed women!” …..Yeah? How many? My boyfriend named one flat woman and one bottomed woman on League of Legends, which has ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY champions to choose from. Besides! I don’t just want flat chested women or big bottomed girls! I want a tall girl. I want a short girl. I want all the booties you can have with all the chests you can have. I want some fat girls and I’d like some thin girls. I want some cool older chick who kicks ass at 83. I want a body builder who wields one of those huge swords like it’s a dagger. I want some body diversity, and I WANT IT NOW.

THIRD. I want them staring you in the face. You’re fighting with them; they’re using bows and swords and shields. Why the fuck -excuse my language, but WHY THE FUCK wouldn’t they be staring you in the face, shoulders and hips forward, in their portraits? Why are they posed like a sexual object, waiting to be taken forcefully by their strong powerful man-dude? It disgusts me.

The last thing I would like to bring up: This argument brought me to tears. It hurt me to my very core. I’m fat. I’ve been told by the media that I’m less attractive because of it. I’ve been told that I’m only worth what I look like. And I’m so sick of it and so angered by it that I have to sob into a pillow for five minutes until I calm down. NONE of that is ok with me, and I refuse to accept it.